10 reasons why tenants choose to rent through a letting agent

Posted 26/07/2018 by: Reeds Rains

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With people now renting until they are much older, today’s tenants are experienced and more clued up than ever before. They are savvy to any potential pitfalls, and so they’re seeking the safest and most secure rentals.

A letting agent offers this security. Here are just 10 reasons a tenant would choose to rent through an agent, rather than directly from the landlord:

  1. Trust. An agent like Reeds Rains, who has 150 years of expertise, offers an established name to help tenants feel comfortable and safe.
  2. Knowledge & Training. Tenants expect a decent standard of living, and understand that rules and regulations have been put in place to guarantee this. By using a reputable agent like Reeds Rains you can demonstrate to tenants that you’re on track when it comes to all the tricky legislation and so find the highest quality tenants.
  3. Comprehensive Tenancy Agreements. Tenants recognise that, as well as outlining their responsibilities, the Tenancy Agreement is there to protect them. They won’t be happy with a flimsy and ‘free’ contract template downloaded from the net. Reeds Rains’ Tenancy Agreement is 32 pages long and details the responsibilities of landlords and tenants in all eventualities.
  4. Deposit Protection. The deposit is a significant sum of money for a tenant. Tenants want assurance that this money is protected in a recognised scheme that also offers an independent adjudication service in the case of a dispute. Reeds Rains use MyDeposits to protect all tenant deposits.
  5. The Inventory. Tenants know that the inventory is one of the most important documents when starting to rent as it can often be the deciding factor when it comes to the tenant getting their deposit back at the end of the tenancy. Reeds Rains provides a professional inventory from an independent third party.
  6. Client Money Protection. Any small misfortune could leave a in financial trouble. What could the knock-on effect of this be on rental payments, deposits or other client funds held by the landlord? By looking for an agent signed up to the Client Money Protection scheme, tenants can be sure that they receive compensation if any money is misappropriated.
  7. Safety. No one wants to live in a dangerous home. Gas Safety is an issue that most landlords are clued up on, but do you know about all 29 areas of possible hazards in rented properties?  Tenants know that they can rely on a professional agent like Reeds Rains to keep them safe in their homes by keeping landlords up to date with all safety requirements.
  8. Property Maintenance. Tenants prefer to report issues in a property to an agent than directly to a landlord. Reeds Rains make it even easier for tenants than most other agents by offering an online portal where faults can be reported.
  9. Quiet Enjoyment. Too many tenants report instances of the landlord entering the property any time they like! By using an agent, tenants know that periodic inspections will be set at regular intervals so they can feel secure and settled in their own homes.
  10. Redress Schemes. Of course things can go wrong, even when all parties have the best intentions. That’s why tenants look for an agent who offers an independent redress scheme. Reeds Rains is a member of The Property Ombudsman which offers independent adjudication for tenants and landlords if they are not happy with the service received for any reason.

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