82% of tenants in the North West are satisfied with their landlord

Posted 18/03/2016 by: Reeds Rains Press Office

Reeds Rains Blackpool

A survey from the National Landlords Association has revealed that 82% of tenants in the North West are satisfied with their landlord compared with an average of 79% across the UK*.

Studies also suggest that in the UK housing market in general, 78% of tenants are happy with their Letting Agent.**

Corelia Moseley, lettings director for Reeds Rains estate and lettings agents says: “Tenants enjoy the choice and flexibility renting provides and research highlights tenants are happy because of their living arrangements as: 86% said they were happy with the standard of their rented home, 88% feel their letting agent is approachable, and 88% feel their letting agent is contactable**.  

Tenants are happy when they are valued which is why Reeds Rains takes a genuine interest in its tenants and delivers a professional lettings service by providing access to a Landlord and Tenants Portal. This allows them to check the circumstances of their let online, with information readily available about rental payments and outstanding maintenance issues. This allows tenants to see the ‘full picture’ and, in turn, they have a greater understanding of their particular situation.

Today’s tenants expect a high standard of living with low levels of discomfort. They tend to look for properties which are in an area with a low crime rate, good parking, and easy access to work. 

One of the top questions we are now asked by tenants is ‘does the property have broadband facilities?’ and ‘has it got internet access?’ Some also ask about broadband speeds in the area. It is not usually the first question they ask but it could be a determining factor when choosing a property to rent.”

Reeds Rains has thousands of managed lets which enables them to quickly match up the right tenants with a suitable property. Visit www.reedsrains.co.uk to find out how Reeds Rains can help you.

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(**) http://homelet.co.uk/homelet-rental-index/tenant-satisfaction-survey-oct-2015