19 Oct

Boost the value of your home - part three

Posted 19/10/2016 by: Reeds Rains

In the third in our series of blogs Regional Managing Director for Reeds Rains, Kevin Beastall, takes a look again at how a seller can increase the price a buyer is prepared to pay for their property and its sales potential – and how this can vary depending on where you live.

Most people will be impressed with general improvements to a property but variations will be down to people/lifestyles, which will also equate (in part), to where people choose to live. In Manchester City a media room may be worth more, whilst in the suburbs it would be a bedroom, and then in the countryside a sun room (to take in the surroundings/view). 

Technology such as controlling your heating remotely, along with integrated music systems, or a networked TV system will appeal more to those that live a modern city life, whilst out in the country it wouldn’t necessarily excite in the same way. 

Also consider food lifestyles. Eating out regularly and having takeaways may be more the preserve of the city/town dweller, so a superb kitchen with multiple ovens and a wine fridge might not appeal as much as it would to someone in a rural location that entertains more at home, or whose life centres on their family. 

Another factor will be the duration that the owner is likely to stay. City/town dwellers who often relocate more (with work) won’t necessarily see a raft of improvements to bring down running costs - and that ‘pay for themselves’ in the next 10 years – as being important to them. 

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