29 Sep

Boost the value of your home - part two

Posted 29/09/2016 by: Reeds Rains

In the second in our series of blogs advising sellers how they can improve the chances of a sale and possibly increase the price a buyer is prepared to pay for their property, Kevin Beastall, Regional Managing Director for Reeds Rains, tells us about what the latest home improvement trends are and what homeowners often overlook. 

People are thinking ‘Green’ now more than ever before but technology to address this within a home can be expensive.  Ground heat source systems, for example, that draw heat from the ground, and can effectively heat your house for free, are obviously appealing, as are Solar Panels – although some could consider them unattractive and it may be necessary to conceal them on rear elevations. It’s also important to know who owns the Solar Panels – which could possibly be the person who installs them – and which could affect the sale of the property in the future. 

Good internet speed is also of major importance to many homeowners, especially those with children or who work from home, so definitely worth investigating if improvements could be made. 

Sometimes, however, people fail to ‘see’ what needs doing. They can be so familiar with their homes that things become normal, when they are not. For example, someone who loves interior design, but hates gardening, might struggle to get buyers through the front door if the hedge obscures the house, the steps are wobbly and the path to the front door uneven. There has been an instance where a house had wires hanging out of its doorbell and which would obviously make a prospective visitor or buyer question if it – and possibly the electrics for the whole house - were dangerous.  

The advice is to stand in the street with a pad and pen, try and erase your memory of the house, and then try and see it through ‘new’ eyes…..and then create a snag list. Better still get a trusted friend to do it for you. Anything half completed will make a potential buyer doubt the quality of everything else that’s been done too.

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