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Bringing your puppy home – little paws, microchipping laws and much more!

Posted 10/03/2016 by: Reeds Rains

Bringing your puppy home can be a scary yet exciting time, your puppy is used to being with its mother and siblings so being introduced to their new home is a big step, take a look at these top tips to get your home and family ready for your new addition.

Is your home ‘puppy proof’?

There are many things to consider when making your home puppy proof. These include making sure you have no toxic plants inside or outside, keeping medication and other dangerous substances out of reach, making sure bins can’t be knocked over and that fences, gates and your garden are secure so that  your puppy can’t escape. There are also habits you will need to pick up such as not leaving water in sinks, bath tubs and putting the toilet seat down, putting away small items and cleaning products and putting away/tying up loose electrical cords to name a few!

Do you have all the essentials?

Just like any new arrival, your new puppy needs some must-have essentials – take a look at our list.

1.    Collar and leash
2.    A dog bed
3.    Food and water bowls
4.    Food and treats
5.    Grooming supplies
6.    Toys
7.    Training pads or newspapers

The car ride home

When you go to collect your puppy remember to take a comfortable dog carrier, a warm blanket and also food and water if it’s a longer journey home. Make sure that the car is well ventilated and that there’s no loud noises which could startle your new puppy.

Introducing the family

It is important to introduce your puppy to the household but don’t bombard him or her, simply reassure him/her that you are there and let him/her explore in their own time. If you have children ensure that they know how to behave around the new dog so not to startle it.

Register with the vets and get microchipped

Be sure to register your new puppy with your local vet who will be able to advise you the steps you need to take. 

Don’t forget that in the UK from 6th April 2016 it is compulsory for all dogs eight weeks or older to be microchipped.

And lastly, enjoy your new puppy!

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