9 Jun

Euro 2016

Posted 9/06/2016 by: Reeds Rains

Euro 2016

People are feeling excited by Euro 2016, and many are dreaming about playing for England and winning the title.

To join the Euro 2016 celebrations, Reeds Rains is highlighting properties with garden space to enjoy a kick about.

Simply Stunning

Maison pierre whitby

This house is situated in the simply stunning setting of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and provides a perfect place for anyone who wants to watch football - or play it. 

There’s plenty of room to gather friends and family around a TV inside the property - should the weather not be great - but also a lovely summerhouse in the garden which would provide a perfect venue to entertain friends – perhaps with a barbeque - while watching the Euro’s this summer. And, if that wasn’t enough, there is so much space to play football in the surrounding gardens and fields - with little fear of disturbing others or the danger of  breaking nearby windows. There’s even a store room available to keep the goal posts when the season finishes.  A lovely property and sure to be considered a real winner by buyers who view it. 

Unusually shaped

Wilmslow park

This house may not have your traditional shaped football pitch, but it could be the perfect garden for those who enjoy kicking a football around – and for those who just want to sit and watch them. There’s plenty of grass away from the driveway, and for the spectators there’s a safe area on the patio next to the conservatory. You could use the conservatory for the half time oranges – do they have oranges at half time anymore?

Open Space

Brow barn

Open space is needed to play football and this property provides just under half an acre of garden for a kick about. For those who want to watch the fun, there is a spacious patio providing the ideal place to relax in the summer, and enjoy the full time celebration with a barbecue. 

This superb stone fronted property is also resting in a stunning position within walking distance to fabulous countryside, making it ideal for those who would like to explore a scenic walk.
The Pond House

Pond house

Any family with keen footballers couldn’t go wrong with this property – the pond house. One of the problems with playing football in many gardens, is that you need to use the entire garden and so the flower beds and potted plants all become part of the field. They may even get used as goal markers which will inevitably result in damage.  

With this property there is so much acreage that you could easily assign a separate area far from the house and garden to play football on.  This not only helps keep your beloved garden intact, but also prevents any easy football accidents, like a ball through the conservatory window!