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Fun Home Projects

Posted 27/05/2014 by: Reeds Rains

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This is a really fun and simple project that the whole family can  join in. Let the children create their own personalized cups, make gifts for friends and family, put your favourite quotes on a set of coffee cups, the ideas are only limited by your imagination.

You need:

  1.  Ceramic cups or plates
  2.  Ceramic pens (also known as pottery pens and porcelain pens). They come in a variety of colours and can be purchased for only a few pounds for a set.
  3.  HB Pencil
  4.  Scissors
  5.  Sticky Tape
  6.  Baby wipes
  7.  Tissue paper or tracing paper

Step 1: Draw your design on to the tissue paper with a pencil. 

Once you get confident you can draw straight onto the cup or plate.

Step 2: Turn tissue paper into transfer paper

Turn over your sheet of  tissue paper, and scribble over the back of your drawing. This will deposit a layer of graphite, so you will be able to transfer the designs.  

Step 3: Transfer the design

To keep your design secure, tape it to your mug or cup (drawing side up). Trace over the lines of your drawing with the pencil, taking it carefully so you don’t rip the tissue paper. Once you have gone over all the lines, remove the paper. 

Step 4: Trace over the design with ceramic marker

If you are using ceramic markers for the first time, just test them on some scrap paper first.  Once the ink is flowing, carefully trace over your design.  If you make a mistake you can use the baby wipes to erase it. 
Step 5: Let it dry

Allow the finished mug to air-dry overnight.  Check your ceramic pens for instructions, some just need 24 hours, others a bit longer.  Some brands also require baking for 30 minutes to fix the paint.  Once the ink is fixed it is ready to use.

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