28 Sep

Get your garden ready for Autumn

Posted 28/09/2016 by: Reeds Rains

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In the latest in our series of blogs which focus on gardens, we turn our attention to what has been happening in September and what jobs can now be done in preparation for the months – and even seasons - ahead. 

While the days have begun to shorten September is a lovely month in the garden with soft light and gorgeous rich colours from late flowering plants like Dahlias, Michaelmas Daisies and Echinacea. It is also a month for looking ahead and getting spring flowering bulbs planted. Most of the usual suspects can be put in during September including Daffodils, Crocus and Snowdrops but Tulips should be left until the end of November and early December to reduce the risk of frost damage to the tips. 

Evergreen hedges can have their final trim in September, their growth will stop over the next few weeks so they will keep their shape after this cut until they start again next year. A neat evergreen hedge of privet or holly gives structure to the winter garden when everything else has died back and is a lovely sight on a winters’ day when frosted leaves catch the sunlight. The soil beneath a hedge can also be left undisturbed for the winter with the dead leaves and general garden foliage providing a home for hibernating insects. 

A few flowers hang on as the garden goes into October with later flowering perennials like Dahlias managing to produce blooms right up until the first frosts. Summer bedding will also keep going, especially if has been deadheaded regularly through summer. But there is always that feeling that winter is only just around the corner and that the first frost will change the garden overnight. 

Look out for our October gardening article, coming soon