How Reeds Rains gives landlords as much security as a Yale lock

Posted 10/09/2018 by: Reeds Rains

How Reeds Rains gives landlords as much security as a Yale lock

150 years ago in 1868 Linus Yale Jr and his business partner Henry Towne came together to establish the Yale and Towne company where Yale’s best known lock design was invented: the cylinder pin-tumbler lock.

Inspired by the Egyptians, this lock was smaller than those that had gone before and used a flatter, smaller key - just like the keys we continue to use today.  This update by Yale Jr dramatically enhanced lock security. The innovation led Yale to win multiple awards and revolutionised the lock industry.

Earlier in 1851, Yale Jr patented a bank lock called the ‘Yale Magical Infallible Lock’ which, Yale Jr claimed, was far superior to its peers.

So why was this lock so secure?

Yale Jr stated nine peculiarities that made the Yale Magical Infallible Lock so secure. These included:

  1. There was no way of producing duplicate keys.
  2. No powder could be introduced to the lock eliminating the threat of gunpowder explosions.
  3. With no springs the lock could not be damaged by fire, dampness or neglect.
  4. Every motion of the lock was taken from the movement of the hands rather than elements beyond the users control.
  5. The lock was made by first class machinists.

Reeds Rains knows that security is as important for landlords as it is for banks

Also established in 1868, Reeds Rains has the knowledge and expertise to offer as much security as the Yale lock when finding reliable tenants for our landlords.

  1. We conduct comprehensive reference checks on all of our tenants to ensure they are able to commit to monthly rental payments.
  2. We regularly schedule routine visits to our properties to ensure they are being looked after to a reasonable standard as well as checking for any maintenance issues.
  3. We use MyDeposits as our deposit protection scheme which protects tenants and provides independent dispute resolution to give landlords and tenants the fairest outcomes.
  4. We use third party inventory companies to ensure there is an independent report on the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy. This is invaluable if there is a deposit dispute.
  5. Tenants can always experience a change of circumstances so we provide our landlords with ultimate peace of mind by offering landlord protection insurance.

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