6 Sep

How to boost the value of your home - part one

Posted 6/09/2016 by: Reeds Rains

In the first of a series of blogs Regional Managing Director for Reeds Rains, Kevin Beastall, takes a look at how, by taking a few simple steps, a seller can improve the chances of a sale and possibly increase the price a buyer is prepared to pay for their property. Here he provides advice about what home improvements could be made. 

Put simply it’s all about ‘giving’ it something it needs, which it doesn’t currently have’ – and which might appeal to a new owner. If ‘on road’ parking is limited, or even hazardous, for example, it might be worth considering creating off road parking in your front garden – although remember to get permission from the council to drop the kerb. Adding central heating or adding a bedroom, provided the position and cost is favourable, would also be a good idea.

If you have more money to spend it might be worth considering extending the living space within the property through a loft conversion - assuming the height and original roof design are conducive to this. Many new properties are designed and built as 3 storeys from scratch these days, and are proving popular, and the advantages are numerous. As well as not taking space from an existing garden, for example, there’s not the expense of foundations or the need for construction of a new structure. It’s simply better utilisation of existing space.

The second staircase to the loft can also often ‘sit’ over the existing one, therefore taking up virtually no room on the first floor. They can be very energy efficient too as heat rises and, because there are no new, outside walls, where heat could escape through, utility bills probably won’t alter substantially despite the additional space. By adding a loft conversion you could take a 3 bedroom, one bathroom property, to 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms which opens’ up whole new opportunities to market it - and should increase its price. 

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