24 Feb

Make your home beautiful with flowers...

Posted 24/02/2016 by: Reeds Rains

EasterIt’s February, there is still a sharp bite in the air however mornings and evenings are getting lighter. Daffodil buds are slowly breaking the surface of the cold hardened ground and crocuses are beginning to bloom; this assures us that spring is well and truly on its way! 

As a hopefully warmer and sunnier season approaches we are beginning to see an array of spring flowers everywhere. With the change of the season people might be thinking of selling their home. Flowers are just one of the many ways to enhance your property and make it more appealing to prospective buyers.  Not only do flowers make a home look more attractive in photographs but they also make it look inviting during viewings. Click here to find out how to prepare your home for photographs. 

Flowers look pleasant in many different areas around the house, from hallways to kitchen tables and bedside tables. There are many hints and tips for making flowers last longer from adding a tablespoon of sugar and white vinegar to the water, to a copper coin or even crushing an aspirin. Removing any lower leaves and cutting the bottoms off the stems at an angle are all ways to give flora extra life. Cut flowers last best in a relatively cool environment so avoid placing them close to radiators. 

Flowers don’t have to be displayed in a vase or in the same place. Why not try putting flowers in different locations around the house, perhaps on a bathroom window sill or next to the sink, you could exhibit them differently too. For something a bit more unusual maybe a handful of sprigs of pussy willow interspersed with daffodils. Give a room a new feel by placing a blossom branch in a bottle, a bunch of tulips in a water jug or an unused tea pot. Maybe crocus’s in teacup or three hyacinths in a jam jar...

It’s spring (almost) so get creative and make your home beautiful.