11 Jan

Organise your home

Posted 11/01/2016 by: Reeds Rains

Storage to keep your child's room tidy
Many of us find it difficult to keep our homes tidy, organised and to think about what is needed for the week ahead. Organise Your Home Day, celebrated on 14th January 2016 is designed to help get your house organised and Reeds Rains is providing some tips on how a bit of forward thinking and some simple storage solutions can help. 
Storage Solutions
  • Use a wine rack as a towel holder. This is a good solution for a small bathroom that doesn’t have enough cupboard space, but perhaps has a free wall that can be used to store your towels. 
  • Use a magnetic strip on the inside of a medicine cabinet door or in a drawer to keep your hair clips, nail file, tweezers, and other metal objects in one organised spot.
  • Instead of stacking your pans and baking dishes on top of each other in the cupboard, turn a baking dish holder on its side and secure it to the cupboard with cable clips. This creates a mini shelf that’s just the right size for all of those otherwise hard-to-get-to dishes and stops the need to remove every single one to get to the bottom.
  • Use boxes to store toys. These can be stacked on shelves out of the way or hung on the wall. There are plenty of alternative styles to the hard clear boxes which can look colourful and fun.
  • Wrap Christmas lights around pieces of cardboard and long wrapping paper rolls to stop them becoming tangled.
Organisational Solutions
  • Make lunches, set out clothes and gather everything you need for the next day in a specific area the night before. To help coordinate the kids, have them pack homework and books in their school bags ready for the next day.
  • Get out the cereal boxes, bowls and spoons ready for the following day.
  • Hang a calendar in the kitchen. Make sure everyone writes all their commitments on it. This will help coordinate a ‘to do’ list for the next day and prioritise the important tasks.
  • Sort through clothes and donate anything you don't wear anymore to a local charity. This will help create more space so you can arrange an area for specific items e.g work, casual, formal.