#reasonstomove - Alexandra

Posted 1/02/2016 by: Reeds Rains

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Reeds Rains has been speaking to one of their customers, Alexandra, to find out her #reasonstomove.

Alexandra's reason to move: “To give ourselves the space and security to start a family.”

Alexandra is married without any children and in her free, time she enjoys socialising with family and friends as well as having weekends away with her husband. 

After renting together for 5 years (in two different apartments), Alexandra and her husband have a number of #reasonstomove in order to:

•    Provide both of them better access to their places of work
•    Provide the space and security to start a family 
•    Enjoy a garden/outdoor space for general entertaining
•    Own somewhere they can put their own stamp on.

Tip for property searches 
Don’t be too rigid with your criteria for a new home.  We started off with a checklist of about 30 things we thought were ‘must haves’ and, in the end, the house we bought probably only had a fraction of these.  

There are many reasons for moving house. Whatever yours are, take the first step towards a new beginning and contact Reeds Rains to arrange a FREE valuation today.