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Should I sell my property in summer?

Posted 20/06/2024 by Alex Moore
Categories: Selling
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Sellers are in a difficult position when choosing the right time to move. Everyone wants to move at a time that is convenient to them, but also want to try and time the market to increase the return on their property.

Properties sell all year round, but listing your house for sale this summer offers a good opportunity for a number of reasons.

Start now to move this year

Selling a property involves multiple steps and inevitably takes time. The conveyancing process alone can take around 12 weeks, and that's not considering the time it'll take to find a buyer in the first place, and the time it could take for them to secure a mortgage.

In January the average time to secure a buyer was 78 days according to Rightmove. By May, this had decreased to 60 days. Listing your property now means you have a better chance of finding the right buyer than if you had listed in winter.

A free no-obligation property valuation from a local expert can help you understand your property's worth and get the selling process started.

Beginning the process now will give you ample time to find your next home and make necessary arrangements, like job or school transfers. House hunting is more pleasant during the summer months too thanks to the better weather.

Appeal to family buyers

Like yourself, many buyers who want to move before the end of the year will need to take action now.

Moving with a family presents a few more logistical challenges, so doing so during summer while their children are on their school summer holiday offers convenience.

It allows them to view properties as a family unit, and means their kids can have a smooth transition into their new schools, enroling before the new school term begins or at the least early into the new academic year.

Clear summer weather also simplifies moving logistics, making it an attractive season for buyers. Some buyers may have been waiting until summer for the convenience it offers in moving their possessions and settling into a new home.

A stable market is a safe time to sell

We understand that some sellers have concerns about property price fluctuations. They want to maximise the return on their property but are unsure when market growth will resume.

While waiting to see what happens to the market might not seem like a bad idea, property price action has slowed in the last year, and waiting means sellers are risking prices dropping. Current market stability offers a safer environment for selling and buying.

In June, average property prices remained almost unchanged from May (a change of less than 0.0%), and showed a slight increase of 0.6% compared to last year.

Overinflated prices will deter potential buyers, so the market stablising could entice previously cautious buyers.

With the average property price in the UK currently stable, now would be an opportune time to get a free property valuation.

Make your property stand out in summer

The brighter weather offers you a great chance to showcase your property in the best light possible and highlight seasonal features.

You should take advantage of the time of year by giving your garden and outdoor spaces a tidy up with some light gardening, lawn care and staging.

Features such as skylights and bay windows also appeal to the summer weather as they are an opportunity to show how well your property lets in natural light.

Professional photography always looks better in bright weather, so preparing your home for sale in summer can give your online listing an extra boost by generating a better first impression on potential buyers.

The summer weather makes exploring the local area all the better for potential buyers, so take the opportunity to recommend local sights and amenities that could further entice buyers into the area.


To get started simply book a free no-obligation property valuation. A local property expert will inspect your property, considering numerous factors, to give you a realistic valuation.

Book a free no-obligation property valuation

Alex Moore

Reeds Rains E-marketing Executive

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