Six ways to add colour to your winter home and a chance to win with Blooming Artificial

Posted 22/02/2017 by: Reeds Rains

Instead of waiting like millions of others for the first signs of spring to appear, use this time to bring some colour to your home. At this time of year, a little colour goes a long way to revitalising your home, especially for any prospective buyers or tenants, but also raising your spirits.

One of the worst things about the winter is the lack of natural colouring. Bare trees and grey skies do little to lift the spirits during these long, cold months. This month, our friends at 'Blooming Artificial', highlight 'Six ways to add some colour to your winter home', they are also giving one lucky reader a chance to win a £100 e-voucher to use on their website, plus 10% off all orders online. Enter below for your chance to win. 

1. Natural centrepieces in the lounge 

Blooming Artificial flowersWhen executed well, simple changes can often be the most effective when looking to revitalise your home. So, clear those tables and bring in some new centrepieces, a sure-fire way to brighten any room. From clocks to candles, there are so many ways to draw attention to otherwise dull sideboards and coffee tables. However, if you are looking for something exceptional, natural centrepieces are a wonderful way to show off your creativity and personality.

Your choice of plants and their arrangement can be as elaborate or subtle as you like, but however you choose to present it, you can be sure that it will be utterly unique and personal to you. If you have children, another added benefit is that these new decorations serve as a subtle reminder to keep the area neat and tidy!


2. Make the most of large spaces 

If you have a dining room, office, or spare room, chances are that these larger areas become rather neglected during the winter months as the family opt for the warmth and comfort of the lounge.

With plenty of space, these are perfect areas of the home to fill with foliage and flowers. It is a quick and easy way to bring a sense of spring and makes for an incredibly relaxing place to read and unwind, regardless of the wind and rain outside.

If you’re looking to create an oriental vibe, why not get a Japanese bonsai tree. These beautiful, delicate plants can last a very long time if well-nurtured and are perfect for small corners and on window ledges, adding something special to your room.

3. Revitalise your garden

Blooming Artificial flowersIf you have found yourself spending much of the winter looking out of your kitchen window, willing your garden to burst back to life, do not despair. Topiary is an interesting way to bring colour and style to your garden.

From simple towers to elaborate spirals and balls, these shaped pieces are simply stunning to look at and offer some welcome green relief. Their elaborate designs might even inspire you to try and create your own leafy works of art.

In the summer, it’s easy to delight your sense of sight and smell with sweet and vibrant flowers, but in the winter, it can be slightly harder. So, if you wish to truly satisfy the senses, you could always hang some wind chimes and place them outside to ring in the breeze. The tranquil, sweet sound of the chimes is sure to create a relaxing and soothing vibe, perfect for winter time.

4. Welcome your guests with some colour

The secret to stunning your guests is by making a strong first impression, and what better way to do that than using hanging baskets. With rich, lively colours at eye level, you will be sure to turn heads from across the road when a similar potted display might be missed by passers-by.

By welcoming people to your door with colour, especially in the winter, you are showing off your home in the very best light possible. You will also see a great benefit as you arrive home each day to a welcoming warmth that is normally reserved for the summer months.

5. Don’t neglect the kitchen and bathroom

When decorating, many people choose to focus on the room where you will entertain guests, but don’t forget that this is your home and it is important to avoid neglecting the spaces in which you spend the most time.

Between getting ready for work and preparing meals, the kitchen and bathroom are sure to see a lot of use every day so why not brighten these areas?

The darkness of winter mornings can make even the most brightly decorated bathroom seem bleak. But by simply adding some pot plants, such as purple dancing orchids to the bathroom, you are sure to feel the benefit of this little hint of summer.

6. Go artificial

Blooming Artificial displayOf course, the season will limit your choice of natural plants but there are good alternatives on offer. The quality of artificial plants in terms of their look and feel is so high that it’s hard to distinguish them from their natural counterparts. With a quick dust once a week, your faux foliage will look pristine all year round. And you won’t have the worry of remembering to water it either!

Artificial hanging baskets can also add a little warmth to the garden or porch. Whether it be Morning Glory, or vibrant geraniums, these flowers are sure to liven up any gloomy garden or front door.

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