Student housing and HMO

Posted 9/09/2019 by: Reeds Rains

Student housing

With more and more students currently heading off to University it’s understandable why many will be considering how to they will adapt to student living and perhaps, for the first time, living with others in rental accommodation.

There’ll no doubt be lots of advice and support being given but what about those who’ve just left University and who may be considering what their future living arrangements might be – this time as a working professional?

As a blog on Split the Bills highlights, although renting a property after leaving University can be similar to student housing, there are some major differences which should be considered before embarking on any new tenancy agreement. Whether it’s understanding the rental options available, how you’ll split the bills or, perhaps more worryingly, what you’ll do if problems arise with your new flatmates, the blog provides the answers as well as guidance from our very own national lettings director, Hannah Davies.

Why not take a look to find out more on Split the Bills as well as check out our useful guide to renting which provides some handy tips and advice for any tenant, whether new to renting or who has done it all before.