21 Oct

Tips for keeping your garden a focal point during October

Posted 21/10/2016 by: Reeds Rains

As we move into the final few months of the year, Reeds Rains brings its latest garden blog and provides advice to those keen to keep their garden a focal point – even in the winter months to come. 

October is the start of the autumn clear up for many gardeners with summer bedding pulled up from the beds and patio pots cleared of their colour and endless sweeping up of fallen leaves. The containers don’t have to remain empty, they can be filled with Violas and winter flowering Pansies and Cyclamen which will keep flowering for a number of weeks. Bundles of bare root wallflowers are often seen on sale at this time of year for planting in the garden. Wallflowers are biennial which means the seed is sown and grown into small plants during the first year which will flower in the second year. Once bought they need to be planted straight away as the roots will dry out if left too long. Put the bundle into a bucket of water to soak for a while then separate the individual specimens and plant straight away in a sunny spot. They will look a little sorry for themselves for a while but will eventually perk up and form bushy, evergreen plants that will survive the winter and flower next spring. 

If there is space in the garden a simple leaf bin can be constructed to make leaf mould from fallen foliage. Just drive four strong posts into the ground in a square shape and fasten chicken wire around them to create an enclosure. Then fill the bin with all the leaves swept from the garden, don’t worry if it seems to fill very quickly, once the rain gets to a pile of dry leaves they soon compress and begin to rot. There is no need for a lid and within eighteen months or so the leaves will have turned to a rich dark leaf mould that can be used as a mulch on the flowerbeds.