2 Jun

What would £300 buy you for your home?

Posted 2/06/2016 by: Reeds Rains


Did you know that you could get up to £300 cashback* when you sell with Reeds Rains by simply opting for our First Class Marketing and choosing to use our Conveyancing Services or Financial Services? To highlight what you could spend £300 on around the home, here are some ideas we would spend the cashback on:

Robot vacuum cleaner
PR and Communications Manager Melanie would spend £300 on a robot vacuum cleaner.

On many occasions have I longed for someone else to do the hoovering for me and this could provide the perfect answer when, at the push of a button, a small robot device sets off on its own to do the work for me.

There are cleaners that adjust to different floor surfaces and many designed specifically to tackle wall edges, to go under and around furniture, under beds, some that can follow walls and navigate through loose wires and then others that automatically ‘self doc’ when the batteries run low - amazing - now all I need is for one to be developed that goes up stairs – unless, of course, it already exists. I can but dream.

Buy a shed
Email Marketing Manager Alex is looking forward to buying a shed.

If I was unexpectedly in receipt of £300 and was able to spend it on something for the home. I would give it to my boyfriend so that he could buy a shed. We have just moved to a new build property and now need somewhere to keep our bikes, lawnmower, wellies, my riding boots, grooming kits and general equestrian gear. The problem we have is that the garden is not that big, and so I do not want it taken up with ‘Shed!’, so we have been researching and have found corner style sheds which will work well. The next decision is do I paint it or leave it as natural wood? I don’t want it to look like a doll’s house, but equally plain wood can look a little drab once it ages. Anyway this is all part of the excitement of finally owning my first home.

Michael from the PR team would buy a chainsaw.

If I had £300 to spend on the home I would buy a multi-function chainsaw to tackle the hedge that runs round my garden.

The problem is a hedge trimmer just won’t get through and tackling the thicker braches takes too long with a hand saw. Give me a fast, flexible petrol chin saw to slice it down with ease.

I need a petrol chainsaw as it is much easier to manoeuvre compared to an electric chain saw which helps move through difficult spaces without the worry of cutting the cable.

I could use its long reach to prune the trees while stood on the ground. No more balancing precariously on my ladder.

I would also include some protective gear as well.

Update kitchen appliances
Digital Marketing Manager Ruth would like to buy a more usual item.

If I suddenly got £300 to spend and I’d just moved house I would buy the usual things you find you need, such as a new bin for the kitchen, but I would buy the best quality. We invested recently in a really good quality kitchen bin and it is a joy to use! Sad, but true. If I needed a new desk lamp, then I would buy a design classic, such as an Anglepoise lamp which would be sure to give me pleasure for many years to come rather than the cheap version I would normally buy. Even a kitchen tray – I would go for something I’ve always loved but not usually allow myself to afford – like a Marimekko tray.

A new kitten
EMarketing Officer Claire would put the money saved towards a new kitten.

I currently have a Ragdoll called Darcey who is 7 months old and I think she would enjoy the company of another cat, especially when I am at work during the day. I often take her to my parents’ house where she has managed to befriend their Chocolate Labrador and they often play together and cuddle up to go to sleep. However, the sensible option would be to use it to tick some jobs off my to-do list when I first moved in including tiling, shelving and painting - but that’s no fun!

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