Which Yorkshire town are you?

Posted 1/08/2018 by: Reeds Rains

Map of Reeds Rains branches across Yorkshire

Reeds Rains has been established in property for 150 years. In 2018 we have over 150 branches nationwide, and 34 are in Yorkshire.

It's no wonder then that our research shows we are the best known and most trusted estate agent across the Yorkshire counties. 

Happy Yorkshire Day!

On August 1st Reeds Rains celebrates Yorkshire Day, and because we know Yorkshire like the back of our hand, we're able to tell you which Yorkshire town you are most like.

Just answer six simple and fun questions.

Plus, once you've taken part in the quiz, you have the chance to win £150 in our prize draw. Simply share your email address with us to be entered.

Or, why not take a look at all our properties to buy in Yorkshire.