9 Dec

Winter property maintenance advice from Reeds Rains...

Posted 9/12/2014 by: Reeds Rains

Winter can be tough on properties. From heavy rain to snow and frost , this weather can really cause damage to your property. Reeds Rains has put together a list of things you can do to make sure your property is ready for winter.

Protect your pipes from freezing

When water freezes it expands, so cold weather means water in your pipes can freeze and this could result in the pipe bursting. You can help prevent this by insulating pipes with pipe insulator.

Check drains and gutters

Rain and wind can lead to flooding so make sure you check your drains and gutters for any debris and blockages which could prevent water from draining away.

Clear paths from debris

Wet weather and frost can lead to extremely slippery pathways. It is important to clear leaves and any other debris from paths - especially if your house is for sale, you don’t want any potential buyers slipping!

Tidy your garden and cut down any loose branches

If you have any kids’ toys, trampolines, and barbeques  in your garden, now is the time to put them away in the garage or shed safe for the Winter. You also need to check fences and branches to make sure nothing is loose and could cause damage in high winds.

Bleed your radiators

To get the best from your radiators you should bleed them every now and again. To check which radiators bleeding you should check that all parts of the radiators are warm, if not the radiator needs bleeding. 

Get your boiler checked

The weather is only going to get colder and colder, now is the time to get your boiler checked to make sure it is going to last you the winter.

Put together an emergency kit

Things like power cuts are more common at this time of year, make sure you have an emergency kit somewhere containing things like candles, matches, a torch and batteries, blankets and some sort of food that doesn’t require cooking!

Check for any external peeling paintwork

If your house is painted it may be worth getting it repainted before the frost sets in, water gets in the cracked paintwork and freezes, damaging it even more.

Get your chimney swept

There are many reasons to get your chimney swept regularly including; reduced risk to your families health through things like gases, improved safety, reduced risk of chimney fires and improved fire efficiency.

Check your Insurance

It might be a good idea to check your Insurance covers you for things like flooding and other damage caused by the weather.