Valuation and viewing days

When you’re ready to instruct an agent, and start having viewings, it’s time to add the finishing touches.

First impressions

Put fresh flowers in as many rooms as possible. Put a new toilet roll in the holder and clean towels in the bathroom. Make the beds!

Sensory appeal

Make sure your home smells fresh. Brew coffee, bake bread, and light those scented candles. Avoid air fresheners as they smell too artificial.


Ask a neighbour or friend to look after your pets. Not everyone likes pets, and some prospective buyers may even be allergic.

Selling points

List all the non-obvious things that make the property attractive, like a particularly sunny spot in the garden, friendly neighbours, good local shops. It's small things like these can really help create the best impression.

Access matters

It's important that we can let people view your property at a time that's convenient for them. Give us a set of keys so we can organise accompanied viewings, leaving you free to get on with other commitments. Rest assured, we will sell the best features of your house on your behalf - it's in our interests as much as yours.