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Exchange in as little as six weeks using our SELLER EXPRESS SERVICE !

When you are selling but not buying another home, your main concerns are speed and excellent customer service. Reeds Rains and our award-winning team of conveyancing lawyers can provide:

Fast-track conveyancing means you can exchange sooner rather than later. This is important, as it is only when contracts are exchanged that you as a seller have the peace of mind of knowing your buyer has committed to buying the property at the agreed price.

Excellent communication both verbally and electronically.  I am thoroughly happy with the service and professionalism.

  • In addition to the many benefits of using our seller package, this exclusive seller express service has been tailored specifically towards your needs.
  • Our dedicated team of specialist conveyancing lawyers only cater for sellers with no related purchase, meaning that you are their priority and will receive their undivided attention leading to an extremely personal service and faster exchange.
  • Our team will contact you within 24 hours to introduce themselves and confirm the next steps. They will also personally monitor your initial paperwork and ensure that everything is in place for them to issue contracts within 48 hours of receipt of the memorandum of sale.
  • You will be allocated a dedicated conveyancer who will deal with your sale until completion.
  • If you are looking for a quick sale and are not purchasing another property, the seller express service is the perfect option. In addition to all the benefits offered by our seller service, your personal conveyancer will work with our estate agency staff to proactively chase every stage of the transaction so that we can effect legal exchange sooner rather than later.

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