Viewing property

Make sure you know what to look for when viewing a property to be certain that it not only meets your own search criteria but also that you won’t get any nasty surprises if you decide to proceed and make an offer. Here are some things to consider.

State of repair

Does the property require updating? If so, is it just minor cosmetic work, or more major structural improvements? If you really like a property, it may be worth asking a builder to view it with you on a second viewing. They can help identify and damp, mould, cracks, or damage and estimate a repair cost which might be useful for negotiating on price when you make an offer.

Property size

Are the rooms big enough – for now and years to come? Do you need one or two bathrooms? Is there sufficient storage? If not, could extra space and storage facilities be added?

Running costs

Ask to see the current bills - council tax, utilities, to help get an idea of actual costs to live there.


This should be easy if you’ve done your research and identified what you’re looking for so should just be a case of checking against your criteria. Could you see yourself living there?