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Zero Deposit Guarantee

Zero Deposit Guarantee exists as an alternative to the traditional security deposit, providing landlords with protection over their property and rental income.

As part of the Tenant Fees Act 2019, the government have brought in a five week deposit cap for all tenancies with annual rent of less than £50k. Zero Deposit Guarantee will still be able to offer six weeks' cover to the landlord.

Benefits of Zero Deposits Guarantee

1. Fast rental process

Tenants would have a smaller upfront cost, which would limit delays on waiting for payday before moving, which reduces void periods.

2. Feel secure and protected

You are provided with the same cover as a six week tenancy deposit. Also, the policy is backed and underwritten by one of the world's largest insurers, Munich Re.

3. Appeal to a larger audience

Allowing the tenants another option other than a traditional security deposit, you can increase demand and have a better chance of finding the right tenants.

4. Tenants will still be accountable

Tenants will still remain fully accountable for looking after the property and paying their rent. In the event of fair claim at the end of a tenancy, Zero Deposit will make the payment to you.

5. Less paperwork

With Zero Deposit you will not need to be registered with one of the deposit protection schemes, which saves time and money.

The Zero Deposit Process

Get started

Getting started

Speak to your agent and let them know you want to accept Zero Deposit on your property and they will talk you through the next steps.

Tenant purchase

Tenants purchase

The tenant will pay one week's rent for a Zero Deposit policy online and all documents are sent to relevant parties.

Moving in

Moving in

You've now got the same cover as a six week deposit. Your tenants are ready to move into their new home.

End of tenancy

End of tenancy

Providing the tenant leaves the property in good condition with no outstanding payments, the policy expires.

Get in touch with your local agent

Whether you're an existing Reeds Rains landlord or are simply interested in learning more about how Zero Deposit can work for you, get in touch with your local Reeds Rains estate agents who will be able to guide you through the entire process.