Not everyone expects to become a landlord

Our recent research into the UK lettings market found that more than a quarter of landlords fall into this ‘unexpected’ category.

There are a number of reasons why you might become a landlord without planning to,  including inheritance, relocation, changes in family circumstances such as divorce, or simply housing market fluctuations. Whatever your personal situation might be, we understand the challenges that this can bring.

We have some helpful quizzes for landlords to help you find out how much you know about becoming a landlord.

How much do you know about becoming a landlord?

We have some helpful quizzes for landlords to help you find out.

Are you ready to become a landlord?

If you think you are ready to be a landlord, why not take our free quiz. Test your knowledge of the lettings market now and check if you are landlord ready.

Are you landlord ready?

How much does being a landlord cost?

Get it wrong and being a landlord can cost you serious time and money. Take our quiz below to find out how much it can cost to be a landlord.

How much does it cost?