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First Time Buyer Opinion Barometer - July 2015


First-time buyers settle for second-best in quest to buy their own home

  • First-time buyers compromising on quality: a fifth (20%) are prepared to purchase a property with no electricity; 19% willing to forgo plumbing & central heating
  • In the quest to save for a home, first-time buyers are making serious cutbacks: a sixth (17%) would sacrifice their pension contributions, and 70% would scrap buying a new car or a holiday
  • Despite these savings & slipping standards, less than a tenth of all tenants (8%) expect to buy by the year’s end – half that of a year ago 
  • Completed monthly transactions fall 27% year-on-year in June, as the political after-shocks of the General Election continue to unsettle the housing market 

Despite making large compromises on quality, and serious cutbacks to save for a home, the proportion of tenants expecting to buy by the end of the year has halved compared to a year ago to less than 10%, according to the latest First Time Buyer Opinion Barometer from Reeds Rains.

In June, only 8% expected to buy before the end of 2015 – down from the 16% who said, in June 2014, that they expected to buy before the end of 2014.

The survey also revealed that almost one-fifth of first-time buyers are willing to go without basic utilities in order to purchase a home. When asked what features they would forgo in their first home, 20% of first-time buyers responded that they were prepared to go without electricity, while 19% were willing to put up with no working plumbing and central heating.

Read the full report here.

The welcome in feeling


The Welcome in feeling – blog article from Reeds Rains

The Village - Strensall, York

A new survey carried out by Reeds Rains estate agents has found that in Britain, 47% of people take between 1-5 minutes to form an impression of a property which they are viewing while others take less than 30 seconds. (*)

The study of 244 people looked at the ways they judge a person’s house when first entering and found cleanliness, smell and fresh flowers are crucial in forming a good impression. (*)

The Welcome in feeling – blog article from Reeds Rains

The study also revealed that ‘how modern and bright the kitchen is’, ‘tidiness’ and ‘the state of decorations (paintwork and wallpaper) are also evident in the minds of people judging a home.

Kevin Beastall regional managing director for Reeds Rains says: “The study provides an useful insight into what people process when they step inside a home and the important aspects people make note of, whether consciously or not. The majority of people form their impression very quickly which is why getting this right early on will set the tone for the rest of a viewing. 

Underlying all the responses is that it is important to create a ‘welcome in’ feeling when people step into your property. Fresh flowers came top of the list with 39% of people saying that this is the biggest contributor to a positive reception, followed by the smell of baked bread at 15%. 

The Welcome in feeling – blog article from Reeds Rains

People feel welcome when they experience something that they assume would come from a clean house. A property which has been well aired and not musty will help to freshen it up. Artificial aromas can be overpowering and in the survey people said that it implies sellers are trying to hide something sinister such as damp.

To make a property feel like a home, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed when viewing it.  You want that ‘lived in’ feeling that you can relate to and resembles how you would arrange your own home to relax, entertain and spend time with your family.”

If you would like to find out how the Reeds Rains team can help you buy or sell your property, then visit to find your local branch.

Viewing a property for the first time, what are your thoughts?

That the property is south facing

Light, how it falls around the building and effect it creates

The immediate area i.e. are the houses cared for. If it's a bungalow is it overlooked?

State of decorations (paintwork and wallpaper), rather than the colour scheme

neighbours,the most important observation

The condition of of the rest of the neighbourhood

Kerb appeal. Well maintained exterior and gardens. Parking issues.


(*) Reeds Rains online survey - 244 respondents July 2015

How to pull off the perfect garden party...


The recent heat wave has got us thinking about parties, BBQ’s and outdoor entertaining. Summer has only just begun, and with the promise of more warm weather to come, take a look at our top tips and get planning your get together now.

The venue

Your garden offers the perfect venue for any outdoor gathering. There’s no limit to the things you can do to make it look like the perfect party venue and it doesn’t even have to cost a lot. Save old jars and turn these into candle holders, old tins can be used to hold cutlery, milk bottles can be used to hold flowers and old fabrics can be turned into bunting , take a look at our upcycling blog or Pinterest board for more ideas.

When it comes to seating you don’t even need expensive garden furniture. Scatter around some cushions and blankets or if you have some old pallets lying around these can easily be turned into seats.

Food and drink

BBQ, picnic or nibbles? The choices are endless but there are a few classics most people expect at an outdoor gathering.  For some more ideas take a look at our Pinterest board. 


Need to fill the time? You could set out some classic garden games such as croquet to keep guests entertained. If children are attending you could even let them build their own den or have one already built, all you need are a few old sheets! Lastly, if you have a projector you could even create your own outdoor cinema – we love these ideas here.

Buy-to-Let Index - June 2015


Fastest rent rises on record

  • Annual rent rises hit 5.6% across England and Wales – the fastest increase since records began in 2009
  • Rents are now growing faster than house prices on an annual basis, for the first time since July 2013
  • Rent rises decouple from the rate of inflation, with annual CPI standing at 0% in the same month of June
  • Landlords targeted in Summer Budget could pass along the cost, causing rents to accelerate further
  • Proportion of rent in arrears jumps to 8.7%, up from 7.6% in May 2015 and 7.8% in June last year

The average cost of renting a residential property in England and Wales has accelerated, to rise more quickly in June than in any month previously on record, according to the latest Buy-to-Let Index from Reeds Rains.

Rents across England and Wales reached a new record high at £789 in June, standing 1.4% higher than the £778 recorded in May and up 5.6% on an annual basis since June 2014.

This is despite consumer price inflation falling to 0.0% in June, and underscores a new trend since the beginning of 2015 by which rents have risen out of line with the rate of inflation.

This is also the first month since July 2013 where rents are rising more quickly than house prices for comparable properties, with this annual rate of house price growth standing at 4.5% over the twelve months ending June 2015.

Read the full report here.

Reeds Rains rebrand heralds major step forward for the local team


Reeds Rains rebrand heralds major step forward for the local team  – blog article from Reeds RainsReeds Rains Morley

In response to the increased activity and demand for its services, Reeds Rains has chosen its Morley office to benefit from a major refurbishment. They are holding a special launch party at Reeds Rains Morley, 88 Queen Street, Morley, Leeds, LS27 9EB on Tuesday 21st July from 3.00pm - 7.00pm with drinks and nibbles and they are inviting everyone to come along and see the branch, meet the staff and get advice from industry professionals. 

The new office features eye catching custom made wallpaper highlighting the Morley leisure centre on Queensway, which reinforces Reeds Rains interest in its local area. The new Reeds Rains logo has also been designed to highlight its long standing position in the property market but also its forward thinking approach to residential sales and lettings and is a key feature within the office.

Cairn Morrison, branch manager for Reeds Rains in Morley explains: “We’ve had a Reeds Rains office in Morley for many years and while we’ve been able to help hundreds of customers during that time in selling, buying and renting houses it’s only now - as the brand is going through a major transformation - that we are celebrating. 



The fact is that Reeds Rains was established more than 140 years ago which in itself brings the peace of mind and reassurance that, we know, many people seek when choosing an agent. By combining this with our great local team who have vast experience in residential sales, lettings and financial services; we think we’ve got a winning combination. And it’s this, as well as our new refurbishment, that we think puts us in the perfect place to respond to the increase in local market activity.

We're just delighted to see Reeds Rains take such a major step forward in rebranding itself at a time when there is a lot of interest in the property market. 

This provides us with a great opportunity to really stand out from the crowd and encourages not only sellers and landlords to market their properties through us but also, of course, attract the buyers and tenants they need. 

The market itself seems to have a greater enthusiasm and confidence generally from people looking to buy or rent. We now believe we not only have the products and services to support them but also a more visible and eye catching brand to help in the promotion of properties — which is good news for all.” 

If you would like to find out more about how the local Reeds Rains team can help you please contact them at the 88 Queen Street, Morley, Leeds, LS27 9EB or call them on 0113 252 0181. (*)


(*) Calls may be recorded and/or monitored for training and/or data protection purposes.

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