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Discover your ideal home for festive fun all year round

Posted 19/12/2023 by Reeds Rains
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Festive fun

As the festive season wraps up, Rightmove consistently witnesses a substantial surge in activity, and last year was no exception, with a remarkable 69% increase in visits recorded from December 4th to January 9th. Beyond the heightened user engagement, there was also a noteworthy uptick in property valuation requests and listings post-Christmas.

This post-Christmas rush isn't just about unwrapping the last gift; it's about embarking on a quest to find the perfect home for the upcoming year. It presents an opportunity for a fresh start in a new abode that harmonises everyday living with those special moments.

Choosing a new home involves considering various factors, such as the right size, ideal location, and optimal layout, all of which occupy your thoughts until you discover the residence that feels just right for you.

The festive season provides a chance for people to slow down, spend quality time with loved ones, relish food and drinks, exchange gifts, and create cherished memories. During this time, individuals who are typically too preoccupied to contemplate a move find the opportunity to reflect on what they truly desire in their ideal home.

Take, for instance, Christmas dinner - preparing and cooking a festive feast can accentuate the effectiveness, or inefficiency, of your kitchen design. A well-designed kitchen not only enhances the festive cooking experience but also promotes more home-cooked meals throughout the year; in fact, 43% of individuals with a new kitchen reported an increase in home-cooked meals.

It's not always about the cooking; sometimes, the challenge lies in accommodating guests around the dining table. A larger dining room or an open-plan layout can make a significant difference, catering to versatile usage. Searches for "open plan houses" have surged by 168% from 2019 to 2021, highlighting the growing preference for social spaces that integrate cooking, dining, and relaxation.

When hosting guests, additional considerations come into play, such as spare bedrooms or a home office that serves dual purposes as a workspace and a guest room. The demand for home offices has surged by 326%, reflecting the changing work landscape post-pandemic.

A well-equipped and conveniently located bathroom is crucial for hosting, making an additional bathroom or a convenient W/C indispensable during festive gatherings or parties.

As the festive season revolves around family gatherings, a home should evolve to meet the changing needs of young children. This may entail having enough bedrooms for siblings who have outgrown shared spaces or ample storage for the growing pile of Santa's gifts.

Outdoor space is as vital as indoor living, with a spacious backyard providing kids the room to play and tire themselves out before bedtime. A sizeable driveway adds convenience when hosting visitors and loved ones.

The period post-Christmas leading up to the New Year is often a time for reflection. Your current home may suit your needs, but perhaps it's not quite future-proof, or maybe it's the perfect moment for a fresh start in the coming year.

Moving homes is a substantial decision, one not made on a whim. During this time of the year, when the pace slows down and reflection takes centre stage, you might discover a desire for a home that injects a bit more excitement into every day of the year.


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