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Fundraising for Savannah West

Posted 23/05/2016 by Reeds Rains

Lee Carratt, regional operations director at Reeds Rains, and the branches in his region, are coming together to help raise funds to support a local girl, Savannah West, receive treatment for her rare form of cerebral palsy.

In the first of a series of items following the fundraising activities for Savannah, Andrea Brewer from Reeds Rains Sutton explains the details:

“My best friend, Kelly Lapping, and I gave birth to our little girls six days apart. Unfortunately it became apparent after only a few weeks that her little girl, Savannah, was not progressing as she should be. Savannah is now 7 years old and only after a recent trip to Boston children's hospital in the USA, in January this year, have they been able to start diagnosing her condition.  

Savannah has a rare form of cerebral palsy which means she cannot walk, talk, feed herself and suffers a large number of seizures. The specialists in Boston have recommended a return trip in October to start Stem Cell treatment to try to improve her quality of life.

The fundraising has begun and we're aiming for at least £15,000 for this next trip.  Her mum Kelly, myself and our friends are completing a range of events which include: The London Marathon, Great North Run, York Marathon, Tough Mudder, The Yorkshire Three Peaks, a 12 hour ladies only boxerthon and much more.

Reeds Rains has kindly donated £500 to be the main sponsor on the events vests, and hoodie's which will be worn in all the events and all our training in various gyms around Hull and outdoor training centres.  

We have a large banner with the Reeds Rains logo for on all the photo opportunities.  This will be appearing on Facebook (800+ followers) on the fundraising page, Instagram, Twitter and the Hull Daily Mail who are creating follow up articles on our progress.

Lee Carratt and the branches in his region are planning a collective event to support this further.

Thank you to everyone who has helped provide funding. This is greatly appreciated and make sure you look out for more updates over the coming weeks.”

Find out more details here about making a donation.  

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