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Reeds Rains encourages free recycling of household items when moving, refurbishing or renting your home.

Posted 22/09/2021 by Reeds Rains
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We’re delighted to announce that Reeds Rains is now supporting the promotion of an app that helps homeowners or landlords to give away household items (or even food) they may no longer need and which allows other local households to benefit from them – all for free.

We’re one of the first estate/letting agencies in the UK to promote the app and yet feel it will be of great benefit to those planning to make a house move, who are refurbishing property or for those who are looking for households items for a property they already have or are due to move into – including rental properties.

What is the app? 

It’s called OLIO and originally supported food sharing but more recently it is encouraging neighbourhoods to share household items too. This includes furniture as well as items that are useful for everyday living like crockery or cutlery – or even items for the garden. Items should be safe - and it’s important that the people swapping the items know they are - as Reeds Rains are not involved in the arrangement between the person offering the item, and the person who chooses to take it – we’re simply helping to promote the app.

Why are we promoting it? 

We know of lots of people moving home – and landlords refurbishing property – who we think will value the opportunity to dispose of households items in a quick and easy way. And without the cost and burden often associated with this. The OLIO app provides the chance for items to be recycled and allows others (Including other local householders and tenants) to benefit - as well as the environment.

The process is simple

Adding an item to OLIO 

  • Simply take a photo of the item and, on the app, enter the ‘safe’ pickup location where you’d like to hand it over. 
  • You can then choose who to share the post with and then wait to be notified when you have someone interested in the item. You can check the user’s profile and star rating – to be more confident about making contact. 

Finding items on OLIO

  • Register on the app and allow notifications to be sent to you when items become available. You can then check out the user’s profile and decide if you want to make contact or find out more.
  • You can then request the listing and agree a place and time to retrieve it.  

We hope you’ll think it’s a great idea but should you need any further information, simply contact one of our branches or visit the OLIO site.

It is important that before using the OLIO app that you refer to its terms and conditions, particularly in relation to the risk, health and safety aspects of using it. The terms and conditions are available here.  Landlords should also ensure that they conduct full safety checks on furniture and furnishings within properties they let, as required by law.

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