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Reeds Rains, raising the importance of gender equality

Posted 8/03/2021 by Reeds Rains
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It’s International Women’s Day and, at Reeds Rains, we’re supporting the ‘Choose to Challenge’ theme of this years’ special day and raising the importance of gender equality.

We’ll be hosting a series of round table sessions to enable colleagues to listen to some of the experiences of female counterparts and, in doing so, hope to encourage the creation of a more inclusive world.

Helen Buck, Executive Director for Estate Agency at LSL Property Services plc (LSL), the parent company of Reeds Rains, commented:

“I’m pleased that we are supporting International Women’s Day. It is so important to acknowledge and celebrate the huge contribution that women make to business and society as a whole.

Many women, for example, have been disproportionally affected by the current crisis, with 1 in 4 considering downshifting or leaving the workforce as a result. We hope that our events will help raise awareness of this and encourage our colleagues to consider gender inequality and how they might challenge this.”

Louise Hudson, Marketing Director for LSL Estate Agency, who is taking part in the round table sessions, added:

“I think it is entirely fitting to take this day to stop and listen to what some of the women in our business have to say about their careers and experiences, made all the more inspiring knowing that we are doing this simultaneously with many others across the world who are also pausing to celebrate women’s contributions and achievements.

If anyone who participates today – irrespective of gender – feels a sense of pride in what women contribute to our business, then we will have done a good job.”

Donations to the Princes Trust and Refuge, a UK charity which provides support to women and children who experience domestic violence, will also be made by LSL as part of its commitment to International Women’s Day.  





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