Conveyancing Service

No Move, No Legal Fee

The Reeds Rains conveyancing solution comes with a “No Move, No Legal Fee” guarantee (excluding disbursements). Our law firms will start work for you as soon as we put you in touch with them and you will only have to pay their legal fees when you exchange. You will not pay any legal fees, ie monies to law firm for their time unless your sale exchanges. If you do not exchange for any reason then there are no legal fees due.

  • There are some costs payable to third parties which need to be paid up front. On the sale of a freehold property this will be no more than £50. This is for official copies of your deeds which will be obtained from the Land Registry. These costs to third parties are not legal fees and would not be recoverable in the event that you do not exchange.

Fixed Fee

Our law firms also work to a Fixed Fee Guarantee. This means that your schedule of costs is the fixed price for a standard Conveyance and this will not vary depending on the number of phone calls or letters involved.

Expert Advice

  • You only move once every few years, at most, but we move hundreds of clients every month and so do our law firms. You will benefit from genuine expertise as our conveyancing lawyers are dedicated specialists.
  • We only select firms that excel in customer service. Our lawyers are experts in technical detail and are also happy to help you through a complex process by explaining it in a clear and friendly way.
  • We monitor the speed of correspondence and check that information is communicated in plain English. In addition, we verify that fees are being charged as agreed.
  • Across our panel, we have firms who are able to act for every lender in the country so no matter whom the mortgage is with, we will be able to help.
  • If your seller is also using one of our panel law firms, you have the additional benefit of enhanced communication between all parties via email and phone calls to a direct dial number further reducing delays.

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