How do you prepare your property for photography?

Posted 20/06/2016 by: Reeds Rains


One really important part of marketing your home is the photographs. Good photographs of your property will make people want to look further at the property details and go on to arrange a viewing. We can arrange for you to have professional photographs taken.

On an estate agency website, good quality professional photography can help to increase the number of people clicking through to it. Here are some tips from Reeds Rains to help you prepare your home, and get the very best results from your professional photography:

  • Make sure the rooms are clear and think about where the photographs may be taken from. They tend to be taken from the door entering the room and if a sofa or bed is placed just inside the door, it will appear very large in the foreground of the photograph. To create the impression of space, move the furniture away from the entrance.
  • The photograph is to help potential buyers concentrate on the room itself and imagine it as their home. Make sure the clutter is gone and any dishes are not left out in the kitchen.  It is the unattractive items which are essential to everyday living that need to be hidden as they can be off putting.
  • Add a few details to the rooms such as flowers or a fruit bowl as these help create the feeling that the property has been lived in and makes it look more inviting.
  • Open the curtains to make sure lots of natural light is entering the room. This will help create a brighter photograph which is more appealing to people viewing it.
  • How does the outside of the property look? Can the car be moved away from the front of the house so that the photographer can get a clear picture of the exterior? 

Professional photographers use a number of techniques to ensure that the images they create will present a property in the best way. For example, they use professional equipment and wide angle lenses to take in a much larger view of the room than a standard camera lens. This helps people see as much of the room as possible which encourages them to arrange a viewing.

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