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Keep your property safe from storm damage

Posted 2/02/2024 by Alex Moore
Row of terrace houses

There have been several storms across the UK in just the start of 2024 alone. From storm Isha to storm Jocelyn, adverse weather is becoming a concern for a lot of homeowners.

Thankfully there are preventative measures you can take to help secure your house from damage from strong winds, flooding and even lightning.

1. Keep your garden secure

During strong winds any loose items in your garden could cause damage. For example, unsecured gardening tools could get blown into windows during a storm and cause serious damage.

Before a storm you should secure any fixtures that could come loose, and anything you can’t secure should be stored inside your property.

If you have a garage, it would be perfect to store items, such as your bins, to prevent them from causing damage during strong winds.

2. Insure your property 

If any damage were to be inflicted on your property, could you afford to pay for the repair costs?

Shelling out for repairs for your house could prove costly if you are not prepared.

That’s why our trusted partner First2Protect offer home insurance with 24/7 call outs and access to tradesmen, with no excess.

That means if the worst happens, you can rest assured that you won’t have to shell out for extensive repair costs.

3. Inspect your property’s roof

If your roof is in bad shape and a storm was to hit, your property would be at risk of being seriously damaged.

Strong winds and heavy rain can take a toll on your roof, so before a storm is due you should safely inspect your roof for loose or cracked tiles.

If your home has a chimney, you should safely inspect it too as loose bricks could cause further damage.

4. Prepare for power surges

In a lightning storm, a lightning strike could cause power surges in your home.

If power surges and you have devices plugged in, they could be damaged.

Therefore you should either invest in surge-proof plug extensions, or if you want to be extra safe you can have an electrician install a surge-protection device into your fuse board.


These are preventative measures you should take before a storm hits. If a storm hits and you are experiencing strong winds, flooding or any other adverse weather, do not attempt to take these measures. Stay inside as long as you can to keep yourself and your household safe.

If you want comprehensive advice on home insurance, the expert advisers at First2Protect are here to take you through the insurance policies they provide. Get peace of mind coverage tailored to you and your property’s needs.

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Alex Moore

Reeds Rains E-marketing Executive

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