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The importance of Smoke Alarms

Posted 28/11/2023 by Alex Moore
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A single error is enough to ignite a fire, and once it starts the destruction is irreversible.

At Reeds Rains we prioritise safety and fire is no joke. That’s why we’re collaborating with the UK government’s Fire Kills campaign to raise awareness and save lives.

In the case of a fire, remember to get out, stay out, and call 999. Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting to safety and calling the emergency services – Do not attempt to deal with a fire yourself.

Smoke alarms save lives

In short, if you don’t have smoke alarms in your property you are risking a lot.

Homes without smoke alarms are 10 times more likely to experience fatalities in a fire.

Smoke alarms are designed to detect smoke and alert you of a potential fire. Without them you’re not only risking your property being damaged in a fire accident, you’re risking lives.

Smoke alarms are generally cheap and can be installed with ease. Therefore, you shouldn’t delay. It’s just not worth risking so much over such a simple to install device.

Battery powered smoke alarms and cheap and easier to install than the alternative: Mains-powered smoke alarms. Battery powered smoke alarms will need their batteries replaced every year.

When installing battery powered smoke alarms, remember you need one smoke alarm to every floor of the property, and a smoke alarm in each bedroom.


  • Do not install a smoke alarm in your kitchen or your bathroom
  • Do not paint over a smoke alarm
  • They will need to be replaced every 10 years

Mains-powered smoke alarms need to be installed by a certified electrician. They will each contain a backup battery so that they can still alarm if the main power ever cuts out.

Testing your smoke alarms

When was the last time you tested your smoke alarms? That answer should be within the last month.

Testing your smoke alarms is crucial to make sure they will work in the event of a fire. Remember that even if your smoke alarms are powered by the mains, they still need testing too.

Testing smoke alarms isn’t just about testing their batteries or that they are powered, it’s also about testing the alarm is loud and clear.

Smoke alarms need to be tested at least once a month, and also need to be cleaned every six months as dust build-up can affect how they function.

If you test your smoke alarms and they do not sound or are ineffective, you must replace the batteries. If they still do not work, or the alarm is not loud or clear enough, you should replace them entirely.

If you want to find out more about how to keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe from the dangers of fire, the Fire Kills webpage has more details.

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Alex Moore

Reeds Rains E-marketing Executive

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