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Valentines Day

Posted 14/02/2020 by Reeds Rains
Categories: Buying

Did you know, last year 15,000* people got engaged in the UK on Valentine’s Day?

Getting engaged & subsequently married is one of the key life events that makes people think about buying a new home. In case you’re wondering, the others as you can imagine are having a baby, having another baby, moving jobs, downsizing when your children have left home & getting a divorce… but let’s not dwell on that last one.

To all those newly engaged couples - congratulations! And if buying a new home is on your agenda then let us help you find your dream home.

If you are living in a property that is ideal for a newly engaged couple, then now is good time to find out how much your property is worth.

We have put together our top 10 tips on what to do before you get your property valued:

  • Tidy the front garden

Just like the interior of your home, decluttering your front garden could attract more viewers for your property.

  • Clean the front door

The front door is the first thing viewers will interact with in your home, it might as well be clean!

  • Make sure the bathrooms are clean
  • Clean and declutter the kitchen
  • Vacuum throughout the house
  • Put children’s (and pets) toys away
  • Take out the rubbish and recycling
  • Remove your wheelie bin from sight
  • Make sure your lights are on if it dark
  • Open curtains or blinds (to let as much natural light in as possible)

Natural light is key for photography, it will also make the rooms in your home feel more spacious.

Whether you’re thinking of selling your house, renting it out, or just want to know your options, one of our local expert valuers will come and give you a FREE, no obligation valuation. Book yours today


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