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Reeds Rains - helping you to get it together

Posted 7/06/2021 by Reeds Rains
Categories: Landlords/Lettings
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Having everything ‘under one roof’ is a phrase that often suggests a benefit - something that’s easier or more convenient to have because everything is ‘together’. And, at Reeds Rains, that’s just what we think that multi property landlords need. To have their property portfolio ‘together’ ‘under one roof’ with just one managing agent, because the benefit are clear. Here’s why.

It can remove the hassle

Consider if you want to change your contact details, check on a regulatory change (and how your agent will manage it) or if you simply want to find out how much rent you’ve received – perhaps for accounting purposes – you’ll want an easy route to be able to do it. Having multiple agents managing your properties won’t offer this and all too soon you could be spending more time on your phone, your email or even your calculator, than is necessary.

Having your property portfolio ‘together’ with one agent means it should be one call, one update on one system – easy – with minimum risk of error or delay and all the information readily available centrally.

It gives a 360 degree view

An agent who has full 360 view of your property portfolio should also be able to help you more in finding tenants.  Whilst one of your properties might not be right for one tenant – it could be perfect for another – and the agent can work with you in finding the most suitable. With a national agent, like Reeds Rains, it also means you don’t have to worry where your properties are. A central system – and a central support team of experts – offers greater flexibility to the landlord wherever they or their properties may be. It really doesn’t matter. And, the added advantage is, if you are looking for other properties to buy, colleagues across the country can work together in finding you something suitable, wherever that may be, without the need for you to do the leg work.

It’s getting to know you

Understanding the motivation and aims of a landlord is really important for any agent and why, a good one, should become accustomed to knowing what you want, and when, and supporting you in the way you prefer.  Some landlords don’t want to be contacted constantly, while others prefer wide ranging support whether about finances, regulatory changes or even associated services like insurance, that they can offer ‘under one roof’. Having more than one agent could affect, confuse or even hinder this. And, considering there are more than 30 regulatory requirements that landlords have to consider – do you really want to make it more complicated than it has to be?

It’s about what they can offer

Offering a great service should come as standard from any letting agent but it’s also about making sure they have a proven track record of success and can offer more than most agents. Existing Reeds Rains landlords, for example, know of its great services, great website and teams as well as its enviable title of the UK’s Best Letting Agent (*) and yet now we’ve got more.

From now until 31st July 2021 we’re offering existing Reeds Rains landlords, the chance to switch from your existing Tenant Find or Rent Collection Service agreement to our Fully Managed one – free of charge for one month (*) AND, if you have other properties with another agent, you’ll get 3 months management fee FREE for those properties. (**)

Landlords new to Reeds Rains are also being offered the opportunity of our Fully Managed Service for FREE for three months. (**)

So perhaps now is the time to reconsider who manages your current property portfolio and, if you’re not already doing so, start ‘getting it together’.

Further details about our services can be found on our landlord services page or why not contact your local branch for information about this offer.

(*) Best Large Lettings Agency in the UK following an independent assessment of our branches by Rightmove and the Property Academy 2020

(**)Terms & Conditions apply

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