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The buyers approach has changed - and sellers should too

Posted 18/09/2020 by Reeds Rains
Categories: Buying, Selling
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It seems that, in light of recent events, many people are reassessing their day to day lives and questioning what’s truly important to them and, as part of this, many are coming to realise just how their home, and its location, could contribute to their future well-being.

For some it may be the realisation that they want a property that allows them more outdoor space (or nearby outdoor activities) in the hope of a better, healthier, quality of life. For others, who may now be working from home, it may be the appreciation that the time and money spent on travel in the past could be used, instead, to buy a property of higher value or in a location that they were previously unable to consider. It’s a change in buyer attitudes.

With this in mind sellers should also consider changing how they promote their property, thinking instead about the lifestyle that buyers may crave and how their property might support this and its saleability.  

Think about home workers 

If your property has an existing office or study it’s definitely worth viewing this as a key selling feature and working with your agent to promote it. Present it in the best (and tidiest) way possible, highlighting its suitability as an office and perhaps drawing on your own experiences. You could also mention any local facilities that might benefit home workers. A good local Post Office and postal service, for example, may be welcomed.   

If you’ve not got an office space, there may still be the opportunity to promote areas of your property, or even your garden, where an office could be created.

The country lifestyle?

If you are selling a property in the country, focus on the opportunities it may offer the individual buyer, whether a family with young children, a professional couple or someone living on their own. Highlight any local amenities and the opportunities the location presents to enjoy their leisure time whether joining local groups, walking, cycling or attending local pubs. Try to consider all that the property and the location offers.   Make sure you also provide information about local transport links, bus services and even taxi firms.

For those seeking a more active lifestyle - or those with children 

It’s important to also highlight local leisure facilities such as parks, play areas and sports clubs. It’s also worth doing your homework to pull together information about local nurseries, play groups and schools and highlight any key successes they’ve enjoyed. Neighbours or the local organisations themselves should be able to help too.  

Private outdoor space

If its private outdoor space that the buyers are looking for, they may value a well presented garden more than others and suggestions about how the outdoor space could be adapted to suit their needs. This may simply be a case of pruning some larger trees, pulling down an old shed or out -house or suggesting a more widespread redesign – often it’s the space that matters most and not necessarily how it is currently used.

Ultimately it’s all about understanding that, just as the opinions and desires of buyers may have changed, so too must the sellers approach to selling and, with more than 150 years’ experience in selling properties, Reeds Rains knows this only too well.  For that reason we’ve not only developed great marketing packages that have adapted to our buyers changing requirements, over the years, but we’ve also got some great teams waiting to help you.  Why not contact your local branch today or book a FREE Valuation appointment online to find out how much your property may be worth.

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