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We’ll make your home look so good, you’ll want to buy it back.

Posted 19/01/2022 by Reeds Rains
Categories: Selling
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When selling anything it’s important to make it as appealing as possible to the buyer and it’s no different when selling property. Here Reeds Rains offers advice to improve your chance of a sale, and of gaining the price you want.

Preparation is key.

There’s lots you can do to make your property more appealing to potential buyers; from doing a spot of decorating, to having a Spring clean or declutter, it’s about making your property as attractive as possible to interest the buyers and also justify the price that’s been set. We’ve got information on our website that might help you.

Think about the photos and video.

Many might think that taking photos, or a video, of a property to market it is easy and, whilst it can be, the quality and lighting of the photographs, and how the video ‘flows’, is really important, as is the position and the angles that they both adopt. Ideally use an agent who’ll be able to offer professional photography that highlight, in particular, all the features you love about your property and which could increase viewing enquiries by up to 93%. (*). They should also be able to provide good, professional produced,virtual tours. We’ve got some top tips here that could help.

Provide information, up front.

Take time to highlight all information that buyers might need to make an informed decision about whether to view or buy a property. All agents should, by law, ensure the description of the property is not only accurate and true but they should also aim to make it as enticing as possible to the buyer and, as part of this, include floor plans as standard. We’ve found that one in ten buyers (***) would never view a property if they’d not seen its floor plan beforehand. 

Make sure your property is marketed effectively

Once you’re ready, ensure that your property is being marketed effectively. That’s not only in branch, online via your agent’s website but also via social media. It’s become an increasingly popular way for buyers to search for property and it’s important to have a presence on there. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are key.

At Reeds Rains we’ve seen 17% (***) more views online by promoting properties in this way but also because we target buyers more specifically via social media; directing our marketing to those who have looked at similar sized, and priced, properties as our sellers and in the same location.

And, don’t forget the property portals too. Any good agent should ensure your property is being promoted via two of the biggest; Rightmove and Zoopla and, in addition, arrange to have your property featured more prominently and with more photos included.  It can increase the number of views of your property online by 19% (****).

Ultimately it can be hard work preparing and marketing your property to sell but, in return for all this – and with the support of a good agent – you should feel satisfied you’ve done all you can to enhance it and, who knows, make your home look so good, you’ll want to buy it back. 

Why not book a valuation with Reeds Rains to see how we can help you. 

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(*) Focal Agent 2020, (**), (***) Google Analytics 2020, (****) Rightmove data 2019

The Reeds Rains Content Marketing Team

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