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Reeds Rains provides top tips when selling at Christmas

Posted 9/11/2021 by Reeds Rains
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Christmas Decorations

If you are selling your property at the moment, or due to in the weeks to come, you might be wondering what impact Christmas may have on your sale and if it could curb your celebrations? The good news is, it shouldn’t, if you follow some top tips from Reeds Rains.

Plan ahead

The marketing of your property may have already begun but, if not, now might be the time to get the photographs or video (for virtual viewings) taken before the decorations go up. It’s important that images of the property represent it as it normally looks and not simply capture a moment in time.  Come January, for example, any images with Christmas decorations up will soon look outdated and could, over time, lead potential buyers to question how long your property has been on the market - and why?

Think like the buyer

Buyers will have chosen to view your property on the basis on the photographs and videos they have seen (pre decoration) so don’t spoil their initial visit with big, perhaps colourful, decorations or displays that aren’t to their taste as Christmas approaches. Buyers are always keen to view a property and its features without the distraction of personal items that belong to the seller; even family photographs or big ornaments and artwork can often affect a viewing and can make rooms appear smaller - and so too can Christmas decorations.  

Most buyers will accept that a Christmas Tree and some celebratory ‘adornment’ is inevitable but it’s important to keep it to a minimum if you can; inside and out.  Think too about how you secure any decorations; use fixings that can be easily removed to avoid spoiling existing wallpaper or woodwork which buyers might worry about.

Consider the time after Christmas too

The more decorations you buy and put up, the more you’ll need to take down which, combined with the hoard of presents you may have acquired, could create additional storage problems at a time when you really need to be ‘decluttering’ in preparation for your next move.  

It’s still a great time to sell

With the property portal, Rightmove, having stated that visits to their website increase over the Christmas/New Year period it really could be the time to make a move; as our blog explains. Many buyers take the opportunity to view property online with the aim to ‘get moving’ once the festivities end so, if you can plan ahead and curb your Christmas festivities (even a bit), it might well be the time to get the ball rolling, sooner rather than later.

Why not book a free market valuation today or contact one of our branches for further advice? 

The Reeds Rains Content Marketing Team

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